Monday, May 28, 2012

Online Education - From the Employers' Viewpoint

Undoubtedly, employers are mostly skeptical about degrees obtained online. However, a number of them have realized that online degrees obtained from an accredited and reputed university with an established track record of performance-oriented teaching is credible. An increasing number of people enrolling for online professional degree courses every year have forced the employers to consider the benefits of online education. There has been a significant rise in online schools and colleges in Europe and the US, which is indicative of the increasing popularity of e learning. So much so that some of the most reputed educational institutes in Europe and North America are offering courses to their students online.
Research reports indicate that media, communication, and marketing industries, which are technology-driven, have whole-heartedly accepted the candidates who have secured professional degrees from accredited universities offering online education. These industries have shown their openness to understand various advantages of learning virtually.
Prepare Yourself for an Interview
Given below are some tips that you may work upon, if you are an online degree holder, to prepare yourself for an interview with your prospective employer, in case he fails to understand the credibility of your online degree:
· Insist on giving a test to give your employer a scope of evaluating your talent in the particular field and to show that you have garnered significant knowledge of the industry.
· Communicate in such a manner that the employer gets a glimpse of your time management, self-disciple, and self-motivation skills that you acquired through your online education.
· Highlight the importance of networking. Show him through your speech and assignments about how you benefited from regular online interactions with your mentors and fellow-candidates, and virtual learning.
· Illustrate your debating skills to the employer, to eliminate the doubt that online degree holders lack oral communication skills.
· Show your prospective employer samples of your assignments so that he understands the importance of an online degree program.
· You must produce transcripts as well as letter of recommendation that you obtained from your instructors, who obviously will be reputable, in case they are teaching at an accredited and established online institute.
· You must carry certificates that prove that the institute, from where you obtained your degree, is authentic and accredited, and the courses that it offers are certified.
· If possible, carry research material that highlight the importance of online education, various benefits they yield, and show how education online is equivalent to courses studied conventionally. This will convince the employer that you took up the course very seriously after thoroughly measuring its advantages and disadvantages.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Completing Your Adult Education Degree Online

If you are interested in obtaining an adult education degree online, you have picked an exciting and rewarding field of study. It is very rewarding for an adult to have the ability to return to school and take a field of study they have always wanted to pursue. With online education, this prospect is even more rewarding because you can adapt your courses to fit your educational needs and your learning style. Adult education degree online is a great way to get reacquainted with your educational needs and to re-establish a tradition of learning for yourself that may help your family learn as well.
Learning online is the popular choice for those that have been out of the learning field for some time. You can spend time readjusting to learning with an online degree course and you can meet the challenges of your course without wasting your time and without embarrassment. Getting an adult education degree online is a fantastic way to return your mind to study mode and to get yourself together in terms of having an educational future; there is no time that is too late for entering into adult educational studies and the internet has made this a much easier task.
Challenging Yourself
Some adults merely take an adult education degree online to challenge themselves. There can be nothing more rewarding for an intellectual than challenging one's brain at a later age to discover that it is still up to the problems and challenges of a post-secondary level educational program. It is a great ego boost to complete adult education in an online degree program form. Taking part in these types of programs has become more and more popular among people of all ages and types. Challenging yourself to learn can be very rewarding, indeed.
With adult education degree online programs, you have the option of picking from a wide variety of program types that will challenge you to work hard at what it is you plan to do. You can develop new study habits as you learn with the technological advances of completing a course online. You never know what great knowledge you can pour into your brain, too, with an adult education degree online. Getting started is only a matter of looking into what there is for you, so get started on your future today.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Education in Pune (India) - Popularly Known as the Oxford of the East

Mentioned below are a few points that will give you an insight into pune city life.
1)Shadow of Mumbai : Pune enjoys the pride of location in the country, being located in the shadow of Mumbai. The shadow, provides for the easy transfer of knowledge base as well as the infrastructure, since these were readily available in Mumbai. Accessibility to Mumbai, provided a strategic fillip and a shot in the arm to Pune. It is magical that the positive aspects were readily accepted in Pune while the shadow somehow eliminated the negative infringements that were associated with education in Mumbai. Pune nevertheless provides as an educational resort.
2)Historic Perespective : Historically, Pune was a seat of learning for the Maharashtrians, the Brahmin culture that originally belongs to this place (remnants of which can be easily seen even today in the likes of various surnames that are associated with it), actually helped in promoting education. The vibrations of our forefathers still seem to be around, urging us to promote education.
3)Moderate Climate : Climatically, Pune enjoys the South Westerly winds to spread a veil of coolness to maintain the temperatures to a moderate degree. In conjunction with the afforestation drive in the city proper to provide lucid support to the green hills that surround Pune, the city probably enjoys the best of climate the country ever knows. That's why, it is a resident's paradise. This provides for the congenial climate throughout the year, with doses of serenity, thus acting as a catalyst for promoting education.
4)Industrial Giant : It is only a question of time and Pune will emerge as an Industrial giant in the country. Already a popular destination to a number of multinationals, Pune is fast emerging as happening place. While this actually promotes economy, the intangiable benefits that accrue, are directly in the form of education, since these multinationals employ a wide cross section of population that demands excellent infra-structural facilities.
5)Military Base : The British chose Pune to cultivate it into a huge military base, and that is what it is today. Some of the world's finest military establishments are located in Pune. The National Defence Academy, the pride of our nation, is located in the sprawling countryside, decorating the domineering mountain tops surrounding Pune. Institute of Armament Technology, the only of its kind in the sub-continent is located here, the College of Military Engineering, the Army Institute of Technology, Army School of Physical training, Military Intelligence school, and a number of others, all of which are training institutions, provide inspirational delight for those who seek education and aare a perennial source of motivation for young graduates.
6)Seats of Learning : One of the country's oldest seat of learning, the Pune Vidhyapheet, guiding light for many a great scholar, is spread over a wide area, incorporating almost every facet of education. The COEP, a deemed university today, SIEC deemed university, Bharati Vidhyapheet deemed university, IAT deemed university, well not many cities in our country can boast of so many universities providing inspirational guiding light to students. Many a national leader and statesmen are proud alumini of these wonderful institutions. It many times seems to me as though, there is a college at every corner.
7)Unique Culture : Conservatism and orthodoxy seem to have found a perfect balance with the fast moving jazz culture co-existing in perfect harmony in Pune. Despite all odds, the desire to learn seems to reign in supreme in every Pune-ite heart and constantly ruling every Pune-ite mind. Every street seems to have a different culture and when one reflects on this aspect, it all seems to be naturally well mixed.
8)Discipline : The city appears to have a code-of-conduct and an inherent discipline that augurs well with the need for imparting education. This automatically caters respect for elders, teachers, and instills a sense of confidence in the teachers as well as the taught, the mutual confidence and trust they need to repose into each other, so every essential for the process of learning.
9)Connections : Well connected to the rest of the country, the process still seems to be on, this allows expansion in the educational field. This allows easy travel and facilitates decision making in favour of Pune, as a choice center of learning.
10)IT Hub : The IT hub being developed in Pune, both at Magarpatta and at .... Attract quite a few brains from across the country and this inherently expands the learned base in the city.
11)Student's Safe Haven : Pune by virtue of its culture and location provides as a safe haven for students. The excellent hostels and other amneties being provided by the city and the simplistic equations that prevail for utilizing these facilities, makes it safe for children to pursue their education here, even if their parents are far away. Somehow, Pune seems to have developed a reputation of being a student's home away from home, this is the primary reason why we find students from every conceivable part of the country, including places like, Delhi, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore etc, not to mention of the remote places of Northeast, J and K etc.
12)Libraries : The excellent library facilities, both in the college and some private ones such as the BCL make Pune a educational attraction. Many a visiting dignitary choose to deliver lectures in Pune to make a grade for themselves and add a feather into their cap that they had a discourse in Pune too. That seems to be the educational richness of this place. Prosperity dawns in Pune, this is a well established fact.
13)Pune of the West : Oxford of the East, it is, rather it may be prudent to call Oxford as the Pune of the West, may be in reality it is being called so, could someone care to check please.... Hey Now you know why to study in Pune!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How To Buy Educational Software that Your Child Will Love Using

When shopping for educational software for your child, it is important to realize that not all educational computer games are created equal. For example, Donkey Kong Jr. Math is still known as one of worst selling games in the Nintendo Entertainment System empire. Built on the same concept as the popular game Donkey Kong, many children found it belittling and boring. This game forced players to answer math questions before they could proceed to the next level. The problem was, the educational component was so obvious and so intrusive to the game that most players simply put the game aside after a few attempts.
More recently, Jerusalem, part of the Adrian Blake Trilogy, has come under fire from players and reviewers alike for being one of the more didactic and uninteresting educational games on the market. This game attempts to teach players about Christianity, Islam, and history by talking players on a role-playing game. The problem is that the acting, scenes, and plot lines tend to be stilted in order to fit in the educational content. Many players simply find the game uninteresting.
Parents can learn valuable lessons from these manufacturer letdowns. When shopping for educational computer games, it is important to always try out games and to select games that are fun to play as well as instructional. Better yet, parents should have their children try out games in order to ensure that the games are fun for children to play. Parents will want to stay away from games that interrupt play in order to ask questions. This is often too much like a "test" in school and makes players give up games quickly.
Buying Educational Games
Once you have decided to buy some educational computer games, shopping will not be difficult. Most computer stores and major toy stores now carry large selections of educational titles. Many online retailers now carry educational games as well. Ebay, for example, always has a good selection of unopened and unused educational computer software at great prices. Parents can order any title they wish online and have the games shipped directly to their door.
When buying computer games, it is often best to buy new games and unopened games. While used educational games are cheaper, they are also riskier. Used games often carry no support and no technical help. If you have trouble installing the game, you may simply be out of luck. Many used titles may also be damaged or older versions that will not work well on a newer computer. Worse, used versions of educational games may be illegal, pirated copies which could expose you to legal risk. Illegal versions of games may even carry viruses or bugs that can affect your computer. The small savings are not worth it. For inexpensive games, try online educational games or wait for sales on popular titles at your favorite store.
In general, when shopping for educational titles, you will want to try games before you buy. Ideally, you will want to ask your children's opinions about which games to choose. That way, your children will be able to select games that they will actually enjoy playing. You will also want to select games that will build a variety of skills. You may want to buy several titles that build several skill sets and give your children some variety as well.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Adjuster Continuing Education

Insurance adjusters have many roles and obligations to serve the public and their company. Their main purpose is to investigate, evaluate, and settle insurance claims. There are many different industries an adjuster can work for. They must be knowledgeable in what their specific company insures. The three most popular items an adjuster assesses damage on are homes, automobiles, and office buildings. They usually just specialize in one or the other. Adjuster continuing education keeps adjuster professionals up to date on different laws and regulations that pass in their specific state or in their specific industry. One of the most popular courses is ethics for the adjuster. Ethics is important in every industry but may be one of the most important attributes to a successful adjuster. Another popular course is adjuster case law. It covers all of the rules and regulations an adjuster must abide by. State laws change every so often so it is important to stay up to date on them.
An adjuster has a couple of different options when completing their educational training. They can do it online or in a classroom. Online is typically the preferred method. Online adjuster courses are usually inexpensive and can be completed within a couple of hours. It saves the insurance adjuster time and money. If the agent decides to sit in a classroom they have to listen to an instructor for however many hours the course is worth. So if it is a three credit hour class, the agent will sit for a three hour lecture. The good thing is there is no final exam after the lecture. The agent can just sign an affidavit saying they attended. These classes are still popular today because agents can network with other adjusters and avoid taking any exams.
Every state has different rules and regulations when it comes to insurance adjuster continuing education. Florida for instance requires 24 hours every two years. Florida adjusters also have specific courses they must take depending on what type of license they hold. If you have any questions on what classes to take make sure to contact an approved provider so they can go over exactly what you need to meet your state's requirements. They will be able to assist you over the phone. An approved provider can also help you choose the correct adjuster continuing education credits you need to fulfill all of your obligations. Make sure to complete all of your adjuster continuing education hours by your compliance deadline to avoid any fines.